20 03 2019

37d03d Festival 2019 Lineup Announced

37d03d Festival 2019 (formerly PEOPLE Festival) Lineup Announced.

・Aaron Dessner
・Anaïs Mitchell
・Andrew Broder
・Boys Noize
・Crystal Quinn
・Eric Timothy Carlson
・Eric D. Johnson
・Greg Fox
・Josh Kaufman
・JT Bates
・Justin Vernon
・Kate Stables
・Mike Lewis
・Resistance Revival Chorus
・Shahzad Ismaily
・Trever Hagen
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05 03 2019

event info "Notonari Yamatonaru -At one with field-"


"Notonari Yamatonaru -At one with field-"

live act: Manami Kakudo
talk:Manami Kakudo + Takeshi Azuma + Dai Nagae + Mai Narita

March 30, 2019 / Yamashokuon (KYOTO) / open:7:00 PM start 7:30 PM / ¥3,500(pre ¥3,000) 


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17 01 2019

AWEFEKT release info

We mastered AWEFEKT 1st album "AWEFEKT".


iTunes -
Spotify -
Soundcloud -

facebook :

"Awefekt is the latest collaborative boundary-pushing project to originate from the PEOPLE movement, a festival series and publishing platform thought up by Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), the Dessner brothers (The National), and Berlin entrepreneurs, the Michelbergers.

After both being invited to the 2016 PEOPLE festival in Berlin, Jeremy Black of former psych- rock band Apollo Sunshine and Trever Hagen, a close collaborator of Bon Iver’s, found themselves meeting once again at Vernon's April Base studio in Wisconsin and launched into making music together, embracing the spirit of experimentation and collaboration the festival had instilled in them.

Hagen set up six guitar amplifiers in a circle to blow his unprepared trumpet (sans mouthpiece) through a feedback mixer, Black added Machine Drum, and the raw sounds of Awefekt

emerged. They returned to April Base in 2017 to record with modular synthesizer artist Trevor Brooks, and Bon Iver’s multi-instrumentalist Andrew Fitzpatrick.

The outcome, characterized by heavy electronic beats and raw noise, juxtaposed with lush modular synths and inventive sampling was wrangled together by producer Ryan Olson (Poliça, Gayngs) who added vocals by Naeem Juwan (Spank Rock), Moncelis Boston and Cliff Rhymes. The self-titled debut album is due out January 11 via 37d03d (PEOPLE)"

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20 12 2018

Tabs Out : Top 200 Tapes of 2018

Thanks to Tabs Out for selecting 'Protomontage' by Noxroy for Top 200 Tapes of 2018!

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17 12 2018

Nelson Devereaux "BAD WATER" release info

Nelson Devereaux released new album "BAD WATER".

Nelson Devereaux :

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11 12 2018

Chie Otomi new album 'Namisen' info

We mastered Chie Otomi new album 'Namisen'.

Chie Otomi HP :

DSC_3355 copy.jpg

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16 11 2018

Noxroy info


SUNDAY NOV 18th | $8

Communication :
2645 Milwaukee St
Madison, WI 53703

Phone: 608-467-2618

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06 10 2018

Noxroy information

Collections of Colonies of Bees : 'HAWAII'

08 : Harms (Noxroy Remix)
09 : Giibs (Noxroy Remix)
11 : Giibs (All Tiny Creatures Remix)
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05 10 2018

Noxroy 'Protomontage' information

Protomontage TOP image.jpg

‘Protomontage’ by Noxroy is in-store now at

Yamashokuon (kolo head office)
GSR online shop
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17 09 2018

Trever Hagen || Sound Wall @PEOPLE Festival

Trever Hagen || Sound Wall @PEOPLE Festival
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10 09 2018

'Noxroy FIlms w/ Louise Bock & Sleep Now Forever'

'One of Wisconsin's most formidable electronic artists scores a program of animated short films.'

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30 06 2018

about 'PEOPLE'

Justin Vernon and Aaron and Bryce Dessner have announced the lineup for their PEOPLE festival.

Trever Hagen

Andrew Fitzpatrick
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22 06 2018

‘Protomontage’ in-store now at GRAVITY SWARM RECORDINGS

Protomontage’ by Noxroy is in-store now at GRAVITY SWARM RECORDINGS.

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28 05 2018

Trever Hagen × Ben Hinz(Dwarfcraft Devices)

'HENTAI MISSILE' - Trever Hagen, Ben Hinz(Dwarfcraft Devices

Live noise collab at Artisan Forge Studios in Eau Claire, WI

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24 05 2018

The Quietus "Spool’s Out: Your Tape Releases For May"

Tristan Bath Reviews 'Noxroy:Protomontage '

The Quietus "Spool’s Out: Your Tape Releases For May"
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14 05 2018

Noxroy : 'Cotyledon Observatory' (2012)

Noxroy : 'Cotyledon Observatory' (2012)

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24 04 2018

Out Now : Noxroy "Protomontage"

Protomontage TOP image.jpg

Noxroy.jpg Noxroy is the solo guise of Wisconsin-based
 experimental musician Andrew Fitzpatrick,
 who has worked with bands such as Bon Iver,
 Volcano Choir, All Tiny Creatures, and others.

Protomontage.jpg Noxroy "Protomontage"
 1 Turnaround Mesa Coats
 2 Hi Jose Shelter

 Recorded and Mixed by Andrew Fitzpatrick
 Mastered by Ryoji Noumi
 Art by Jennifer Leaver

 Release Date : April 24 ,2018

 Cassette + download code
 Digital download

buy & stream:
bandcamp-button-bc-circle-green-35.jpg Spotify_Icon_RGB_Green_35pixel.jpg  Get_it_on_iTunes_Badge_US_1114-thumbnail2.jpg amazon_logo_RGB_35pixel.jpg google-play-badge_39pixel.png TIDAL_46x29ar.jpg

cassette :
kolo head office ‘Yamashokuon
Protomontage cassette No.2.jpg Protomontage cassette No.3.jpg

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17 12 2017

Trever Hagen "Wonder Town" live on TIDAL.

Trever Hagen "Wonder Town" live on TIDAL.
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29 06 2017

batica "Small phantom scattered around here"

batica released her new album,"Small phantom scattered around here".We had engaged in mastering for this album.

batica : "Small phantom scattered around here"

artist Chloe/OTOMI CHIE/Makoto Jinno/Tsutomu Kobori/Masaaki Morita/Shinichi Miyakewo
Mastering by Ryoji Noumi
recording place FLOAT / utakata coffee / konohana first shiratori

商品ジャケット画像.jpg "Small phantom scattered around here" 
 Label: NTOPIA
 01.Midori Kumori Lation
 02.Magic Hour
 03.Aoi Shoudou
 04.Kishigawa Train
 07.Marble Notes
 08.Utsukushii Hito
 09.Farewell Song

bandcamp-button-bc-circle-green-35.jpg Spotify_Icon_RGB_Green_35pixel.jpg Get_it_on_iTunes_Badge_US_1114-thumbnail2.jpg

Involved with numerous bands, gig support, and improv performances in Osaka.Recently worked with acts including Maher Shalal Hash Baz and ann ihsa.Solo work involves writing songs and "music with a view."Performed bass, guitar, and vocals on solo album "Small phantom scattered around here" (2017), their second release since the "7 Stories" (2006) instrumental pieces.
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23 05 2017

"WONDER TOWN" biography

Trever Hagen wrote about "WONDER TOWN".

Wonder Town is about a community of friends. What they make possible and the questions they allow to be asked. Some years ago I was introduced to the Konohana neighborhood in Osaka. A friend brought me there to show me a multi-sited artfarm exhibition. It took place in Konohana’s galleries, kitchens, bedrooms, garages and a particularly rickety labyrinth of a building simply called Mediia. I met dancers, media artists, chefs, poets, carpenters, designers, improvisers−a collection of people and places in close proximity. By the end of the day at the closing party I arranged to move into Konohana. I began to play with this community, live between its thin walls and explore its wonder. Listening to each other, performing together, living together all became the same action in the end.

Wonder Town was recorded in an upstairs tatami room of the place I lived in Konohana. The album’s sounds emerge from three actors: no-input feedback is an unpredictable platform of instability and uncertainty for solo improvisation; preparing the trumpet inscribes the object within an other sonic and rhythmic idiom; the natural feedback of the microphone reveals the materiality of the space. These elements put together make up the set up through which these sounds flow in realtime.

Noise is like a sauna. 15 minutes at a time. Side A / Side B of the Wonder Town is your hourglass.

Trever Hagen
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