15 06 2010

about Sound Report

As already informed at homepage,
we will collaborate with Horen to hold Akio Suzuki's concert on 4th July at nu things.

On 26th July Satoru Higashiseto, the organizer of Horen, held a lecture event.
We had a pre-meeting with Akio before Satoru's lecture beforehand.


Soon after arriving at the place, Akio began to crap his hands to check echo points carefully.


He seems to come up with some ideas about the layout.
Does he start to compose music or has his composition already completed...?


After the meeting Satoru showed us around America mura.
We ate Kogaryu Takoyaki at the request of Akio.


We will put archives of all the records about 1000 km bicycle tour "Sanetori" within days. Please check out both the archives and the concert!

English translation Tomoko Masukawa

About the Concert

Akio Suzuki "SOUND REPORT"

Date: Sunday 4th July
Open; 6:30 Start; 7:00

Price: 2,500 yen (advance ticket), 3,000yen (ticket on the day)
※You need to pay 500yen for a drink at the door on the day.

Location: OSAKA SHINSAIBASHI nu things JAJOUKA, Toporo51 B1F, 2-18-2, Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuoku, Osaka

Tel: 06-6211-8711
Homepage Address:


Part 1: Talk Show
Akio is going to talk especially about 1000 km bicycle tour on which he had visited several remains of Yayoi era from Tango city to Shimonoseki, searching for the roots of Tsuchi-bue(an earthen whistle).

Part2: Performance
It has been 3 years since the last time he gave a concert in Osaka city.
Please enjoy his performance of Analapos、Tsuchi-bue and so on which will bring you what you can never experience through CD and pictures.

Ticket Reservation is available only by e-mail by 3rd July. Send e-mail to augen3000〔@〕 after writing your name, the number of tickets and your contact on your e-mail.

Capacity: 80 people ( Since the concert will be perfectly acoustic performances.)

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07 06 2010

about next concert

We will held a concert of AKIO SUZUKI as a joint work with HOREN .
Please access URL below to find out the details.
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