26 10 2011

Ending Remarks

On August 28th 2011,
we did planning of the sound system and the sound projection at "Toshiro Mayuzumi's All Electronic Music Performance" sponsored by JCMR KYOTO.

We are not a musical engineering group, but we played back Toshiro Mayuzumi's electronic music based on 'Music of New Reference' which was developed from the event we held in the past.

Hopefully we will release the method in some way.

Toshiro Mayuzumi's All Electronic Music Performance.jpg

Toshiro Mayuzumi's All Electronic Music Performance2.jpg

Archives data

Date  Aug 28, 2011
Place  Kyoto Art Center
Planning Koji Kawasaki
Organized by JCMR KYOTO (Yoshihiko Shimizu, Nao Takeuchi, Mayu Masuda)

Part1 start 14:30 PM
1.X, Y, Z for musique concrète (1953)

2.Boxing for Radio Drama (1954)

3.Music for Sine Wave by Proportion of Prime Number (1955)

4.Music for Modulated Wave by Proportion of Prime Number (1955)

5.Invention for Square Wave and Saw-tooth Wave (1955)

6.Variations on Numerical Principle of 7 (1956)

7.Aoi no ue (1957)

8.Campanology for musique concrète (1959)

Part2 start 17:30 PM
9.Campanology Olympica (Olympic Campanology) (1964)

10.Three Hymns for tape (Mittsu no San) (1965)

11.Campanology for multi-piano (1967)

12.Mandala for solo voice and electronic sounds (1969)

13.Seimei no Sanka (1970)


15.21 seiki eno message(1970)

16.Ongaku wo sozai ni sita musique concrète(1971)

17.Dice fantasy(1971)

18.Sekai kyuse kyo -Tenrei Ongaku-(1971)

19.The Kabuki -Prologue-(1986)

20.Invention for Byakusangai Darani (composed by Yoshihiko Shimizu, 2011)

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