23 05 2017

"WONDER TOWN" biography

Trever Hagen wrote about "WONDER TOWN".

Wonder Town is about a community of friends. What they make possible and the questions they allow to be asked. Some years ago I was introduced to the Konohana neighborhood in Osaka. A friend brought me there to show me a multi-sited artfarm exhibition. It took place in Konohana’s galleries, kitchens, bedrooms, garages and a particularly rickety labyrinth of a building simply called Mediia. I met dancers, media artists, chefs, poets, carpenters, designers, improvisers−a collection of people and places in close proximity. By the end of the day at the closing party I arranged to move into Konohana. I began to play with this community, live between its thin walls and explore its wonder. Listening to each other, performing together, living together all became the same action in the end.

Wonder Town was recorded in an upstairs tatami room of the place I lived in Konohana. The album’s sounds emerge from three actors: no-input feedback is an unpredictable platform of instability and uncertainty for solo improvisation; preparing the trumpet inscribes the object within an other sonic and rhythmic idiom; the natural feedback of the microphone reveals the materiality of the space. These elements put together make up the set up through which these sounds flow in realtime.

Noise is like a sauna. 15 minutes at a time. Side A / Side B of the Wonder Town is your hourglass.

Trever Hagen
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09 05 2017

Out Now : Trever Hagen "WONDER TOWN"

"Noise is like a sauna. 15 minutes at a time. Side A / Side B of the Wonder Town is your hourglass."
Our friend Trever Hagen released a new cassette tape album "WONDER TOWN".Beautiful sleeve arts and cover was designed by Kotaro Maetani.

Trever Hagen
Trumpeter and improvise with no-inputs, laptops, field recordings,homemade mics, trumpet preparations. 
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Live Dates:
Eagles 34 - 3 June 2017 - Minneapolis
Ice House (w/Marijuana Deathsquads) - 8 June 2017 - Minneapolis
Eaux Claires - 16-17 June 2017 - Eau Claire
Whitepages Gallery - 20 June 2017 - Minneapolis

Trever Hagen "WONDER TOWN"
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IMG_5758 (編集済み).JPG

Release Date:May 1, 2017
Released by kolo 
Recorded, Mixed, Performed Live by Trever Hagen
Mastering by Ryoji Noumi
Sleeve Art,Cover Design by Cover Kotaro Maetani

Format:Cassette (BASF Chrome Plus) + download code
     Digital download
    (24bit/48kHz - 16bit/44.1kHz WAV,AIFF,mp3,FLAC,ALAC,AAC,Ogg Vorbis)

buy & stream:
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in store : Yamashokuon,Kyoto


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