24 04 2018

Out Now : Noxroy "Protomontage"

Protomontage TOP image.jpg

Noxroy.jpg Noxroy is the solo guise of Wisconsin-based
 experimental musician Andrew Fitzpatrick,
 who has worked with bands such as Bon Iver,
 Volcano Choir, All Tiny Creatures, and others.

Protomontage.jpg Noxroy "Protomontage"
 1 Turnaround Mesa Coats
 2 Hi Jose Shelter

 Recorded and Mixed by Andrew Fitzpatrick
 Mastered by Ryoji Noumi
 Art by Jennifer Leaver

 Release Date : April 24 ,2018

 Cassette + download code
 Digital download

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cassette :
kolo head office ‘Yamashokuon
Protomontage cassette No.2.jpg Protomontage cassette No.3.jpg

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