29 06 2017

batica "Small phantom scattered around here"

batica released her new album,"Small phantom scattered around here".We had engaged in mastering for this album.

batica : "Small phantom scattered around here"

artist Chloe/OTOMI CHIE/Makoto Jinno/Tsutomu Kobori/Masaaki Morita/Shinichi Miyakewo
Mastering by Ryoji Noumi
recording place FLOAT / utakata coffee / konohana first shiratori

商品ジャケット画像.jpg "Small phantom scattered around here" 
 Label: NTOPIA
 01.Midori Kumori Lation
 02.Magic Hour
 03.Aoi Shoudou
 04.Kishigawa Train
 07.Marble Notes
 08.Utsukushii Hito
 09.Farewell Song

bandcamp-button-bc-circle-green-35.jpg Spotify_Icon_RGB_Green_35pixel.jpg Get_it_on_iTunes_Badge_US_1114-thumbnail2.jpg

Involved with numerous bands, gig support, and improv performances in Osaka.Recently worked with acts including Maher Shalal Hash Baz and ann ihsa.Solo work involves writing songs and "music with a view."Performed bass, guitar, and vocals on solo album "Small phantom scattered around here" (2017), their second release since the "7 Stories" (2006) instrumental pieces.
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23 05 2017

"WONDER TOWN" biography

Trever Hagen wrote about "WONDER TOWN".

Wonder Town is about a community of friends. What they make possible and the questions they allow to be asked. Some years ago I was introduced to the Konohana neighborhood in Osaka. A friend brought me there to show me a multi-sited artfarm exhibition. It took place in Konohana’s galleries, kitchens, bedrooms, garages and a particularly rickety labyrinth of a building simply called Mediia. I met dancers, media artists, chefs, poets, carpenters, designers, improvisers−a collection of people and places in close proximity. By the end of the day at the closing party I arranged to move into Konohana. I began to play with this community, live between its thin walls and explore its wonder. Listening to each other, performing together, living together all became the same action in the end.

Wonder Town was recorded in an upstairs tatami room of the place I lived in Konohana. The album’s sounds emerge from three actors: no-input feedback is an unpredictable platform of instability and uncertainty for solo improvisation; preparing the trumpet inscribes the object within an other sonic and rhythmic idiom; the natural feedback of the microphone reveals the materiality of the space. These elements put together make up the set up through which these sounds flow in realtime.

Noise is like a sauna. 15 minutes at a time. Side A / Side B of the Wonder Town is your hourglass.

Trever Hagen
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09 05 2017

Out Now : Trever Hagen "WONDER TOWN"

"Noise is like a sauna. 15 minutes at a time. Side A / Side B of the Wonder Town is your hourglass."
Our friend Trever Hagen released a new cassette tape album "WONDER TOWN".Beautiful sleeve arts and cover was designed by Kotaro Maetani.

Trever Hagen
Trumpeter and improvise with no-inputs, laptops, field recordings,homemade mics, trumpet preparations. 
TH Zaratan 4.jpg
Live Dates:
Eagles 34 - 3 June 2017 - Minneapolis
Ice House (w/Marijuana Deathsquads) - 8 June 2017 - Minneapolis
Eaux Claires - 16-17 June 2017 - Eau Claire
Whitepages Gallery - 20 June 2017 - Minneapolis

Trever Hagen "WONDER TOWN"
IMG_5682 2.jpg



IMG_5758 (編集済み).JPG

Release Date:May 1, 2017
Released by kolo 
Recorded, Mixed, Performed Live by Trever Hagen
Mastering by Ryoji Noumi
Sleeve Art,Cover Design by Cover Kotaro Maetani

Format:Cassette (BASF Chrome Plus) + download code
     Digital download
    (24bit/48kHz - 16bit/44.1kHz WAV,AIFF,mp3,FLAC,ALAC,AAC,Ogg Vorbis)

buy & stream:
bandcamp-button-bc-circle-green-35.jpg  Spotify_Icon_RGB_Green_35pixel.jpg  Get_it_on_iTunes_Badge_US_1114-thumbnail2.jpg amazon_logo_RGB_35pixel.jpg google-play-badge_39pixel.png

in store : Yamashokuon,Kyoto


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10 04 2017

GUILTY C. 'The Growling Wolves'

GUILTY C.,live electronic music player and musician,released his new limited edition cassette,'The Growling Wolves'.We had engaged in mastering for this album.His music - 'Bury #6'(2015),'Lands #2/#4' (2016) - is something new.

GUILTY C.:'The Growling Wolves'
The Growling Wolves.JPG

theskull.jpgThe Skull Downpour Electronics. Far east islands of the shadows based harsh grim sick and lowest ninja live electronics composition since 1999.

live info
「Line in da Utopia.」
[day one]
2017/4/15 (sat) at Osaka Sakuragawa environment 0g open 6PM / ticket: 2000
live:NOISECONCRETE × 3chi5, BLESSED BLOOD VULVA & GUILTY C., SHAWN-D & SickBL from PSYCHO PATCH,nipponica, orhythmo

[day two]
2017/4/23 (sun) at Osaka Namba BEARS open 6PM / ticket: 2000yen(day ticket 2500yen)
live:Kiyoshi Izumi, Ryo Murakami, orhythmo
dj:Yousuke Yukimatsu, Iryoku


2017/5/6 (sat) Osaka HOKAGE bar space B2F
open 0PM - close 3PM / 500yen (+1drink 500yen)








5/18(thu) MEGAHERTZ
5/19(fri) IAF SHOP*
5/20(sat) Visual & Audio bar ANIMA
5/21(sun) Otodoke
5/22(mon) iL
5/23(tue) bar txalaparta
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27 03 2017

Musica Piccolino season5

Japanese edutainment TV program Musica Piccolino season5 will start from April 7, 2017.
We are in charge of mix & mastering.

Musica Piccolino HP:

cast:Alina Saito,Gen Okuda,Kentaro,Kanade Sato,Satoru Takeshima,Hatch Hatchell,
   Hihana Saijo,ROLLY,Keiichiro Mori

music:Tomohiko Gondo
costume Design:Takeru Sakai
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19 03 2017

The 20th Japan Media Arts Festival

Japanese Sci-Fi and music edutainment TV program Musica Piccolino season4 was elected as the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival Jury Selections.We had engaged in mastering for this TV program.

Japan Media Arts Festival HP:

The 20th Japan Media Arts Festival Jury Selections -Entertainment Division-

Musica Piccolino season4

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28 02 2017

Katsura Mouri New Album 'M16'

Katsura Mouri,turntablist and the manager of PARALLAX RECORDS,will release her new album,"M16",on March 16, 2017.We had engaged in mastering for this album.

Katsura Mouri:'M16'
Katsura Mouri 'M-16'.jpg

Katsura Mouri
Twitter :
live info:March 11th,Oxford Contemporary Music audiograft

Multiple Tap: Kou Katsuyoshi & Katsura Mouri from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.

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26 02 2017

Otomi Chie:1st album 'Super Stainless'

Otomi Chie, singer-songwriter and beatmaker,released her 1st album 'Super Stainless'.
We had engaged in recording,mixing,mastering and produce for this album.We would recommend using high-resolution headphone when you listen to this album.

Otomi Chie

Otomi Chie 'Super Stainless'
otomi chie super stainless.jpg
All Songs Written by Otomi Chie
Played by Otomi Chie(Vo,Vocoder,EG,Synth,Prog),batica(Synth,Perc),Ryoji Noumi(Str)
Produced by Ryoji Noumi and Otomi Chie
Recorded by Ryoji Noumi and Otomi Chie,assisted by Sayori Matsuo
Mixed & Mastered by Ryoji Noumi

Format:CD+digital download
Track list @Twilight ASuper Stainless BKiniro no Uma CAnata ni dake

buy & stream:

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06 11 2016

about Knorth Sessions

Blugold Radio 99.9 FM "Knorth Studios Debut New Video Series"
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15 10 2016


TREVER HAGEN wrote everything about Bon Iver New Album '22, A Million'.

Bon Iver 『GOD』  TREVER HAGEN - prepared trumpet

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13 10 2016

about Knorth Sessions

We had engaged in recording,mixing and mastering for Knorth Sessions.

What is Knorth Sessions?

Eau Claires

Phil Cook - Anybody Else


We Are The Willows - Dear Ms. Branstner

Dear Ms. Branstner Official Music Video

Little Scream - Love as a Weapon

Love as a Weapon Official Music Video

Whale House - Freeway

Freeway bandcamp

Professor Toon - Who Gon'

Rivulare - Falter, Flutter, Fly

Alexei Moon Casselle and Megan Gramlow - Inside the Bells

Kronoz Time - La Fama

Leah and Calvin - Depreston
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21 04 2016

about "kolo"

Music of New Reference is starting up a music label "kolo" this October.

As a first step, a new album of Trever Hagen " WONDER TOWN" will be released. Further details will be announced later.

kolo :

Trever Hagen :

Music of New Reference twitter :

Music of New Reference facebook :

Trever Hagen " WONDER TOWN" (2017)
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14 01 2014


We will make an appearance on a Ryuichi Sakamoto's TV show as below.

date: Jan 16, 2014
time: 11:25 p.m.
TV station: NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation) E-tele

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26 10 2011

Ending Remarks

On August 28th 2011,
we did planning of the sound system and the sound projection at "Toshiro Mayuzumi's All Electronic Music Performance" sponsored by JCMR KYOTO.

We are not a musical engineering group, but we played back Toshiro Mayuzumi's electronic music based on 'Music of New Reference' which was developed from the event we held in the past.

Hopefully we will release the method in some way.

Toshiro Mayuzumi's All Electronic Music Performance.jpg

Toshiro Mayuzumi's All Electronic Music Performance2.jpg

Archives data

Date  Aug 28, 2011
Place  Kyoto Art Center
Planning Koji Kawasaki
Organized by JCMR KYOTO (Yoshihiko Shimizu, Nao Takeuchi, Mayu Masuda)

Part1 start 14:30 PM
1.X, Y, Z for musique concrète (1953)

2.Boxing for Radio Drama (1954)

3.Music for Sine Wave by Proportion of Prime Number (1955)

4.Music for Modulated Wave by Proportion of Prime Number (1955)

5.Invention for Square Wave and Saw-tooth Wave (1955)

6.Variations on Numerical Principle of 7 (1956)

7.Aoi no ue (1957)

8.Campanology for musique concrète (1959)

Part2 start 17:30 PM
9.Campanology Olympica (Olympic Campanology) (1964)

10.Three Hymns for tape (Mittsu no San) (1965)

11.Campanology for multi-piano (1967)

12.Mandala for solo voice and electronic sounds (1969)

13.Seimei no Sanka (1970)


15.21 seiki eno message(1970)

16.Ongaku wo sozai ni sita musique concrète(1971)

17.Dice fantasy(1971)

18.Sekai kyuse kyo -Tenrei Ongaku-(1971)

19.The Kabuki -Prologue-(1986)

20.Invention for Byakusangai Darani (composed by Yoshihiko Shimizu, 2011)

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18 08 2010

Event Report

"Akio Suzuki Sound Report" was successfully held on July 4th.

Event Repot

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26 07 2010

about Akio Suzuki SOUND REPORT

" Akio Suzuki SOUND REPORT" was successfully carried out.

We have been working on translation of the review of this event.

So please wait for English version of the report coming up soon.

Thank you.

text Ryoji Noumi
English translation Tomoko Masukawa

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15 06 2010

about Sound Report

As already informed at homepage,
we will collaborate with Horen to hold Akio Suzuki's concert on 4th July at nu things.

On 26th July Satoru Higashiseto, the organizer of Horen, held a lecture event.
We had a pre-meeting with Akio before Satoru's lecture beforehand.


Soon after arriving at the place, Akio began to crap his hands to check echo points carefully.


He seems to come up with some ideas about the layout.
Does he start to compose music or has his composition already completed...?


After the meeting Satoru showed us around America mura.
We ate Kogaryu Takoyaki at the request of Akio.


We will put archives of all the records about 1000 km bicycle tour "Sanetori" within days. Please check out both the archives and the concert!

English translation Tomoko Masukawa

About the Concert

Akio Suzuki "SOUND REPORT"

Date: Sunday 4th July
Open; 6:30 Start; 7:00

Price: 2,500 yen (advance ticket), 3,000yen (ticket on the day)
※You need to pay 500yen for a drink at the door on the day.

Location: OSAKA SHINSAIBASHI nu things JAJOUKA, Toporo51 B1F, 2-18-2, Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuoku, Osaka

Tel: 06-6211-8711
Homepage Address:


Part 1: Talk Show
Akio is going to talk especially about 1000 km bicycle tour on which he had visited several remains of Yayoi era from Tango city to Shimonoseki, searching for the roots of Tsuchi-bue(an earthen whistle).

Part2: Performance
It has been 3 years since the last time he gave a concert in Osaka city.
Please enjoy his performance of Analapos、Tsuchi-bue and so on which will bring you what you can never experience through CD and pictures.

Ticket Reservation is available only by e-mail by 3rd July. Send e-mail to augen3000〔@〕 after writing your name, the number of tickets and your contact on your e-mail.

Capacity: 80 people ( Since the concert will be perfectly acoustic performances.)

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07 06 2010

about next concert

We will held a concert of AKIO SUZUKI as a joint work with HOREN .
Please access URL below to find out the details.
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26 04 2010

Ending Remarks

MUSIC OF NEW REFERENCE 2009 IN KYOTO successfully concluded on December 3rd 2009.

We would now like to introduce all the staff who supported the event. Sorry for the late update!
Check it out at the website below.
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